The Growth of the Potmarge

With the help of Van Hall Larenstein (VHL), the Potmarge has become more and more sustainable, especially when it comes to the focus of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In fact, VHL has worked on 8 SDGs which include:

  • 2. Zero hunger  

  • 3. Good health and wellbeing

  • 4. Quality education

  • 6. Clean water and sanitation

  • 11. Sustainable cities and communities

  • 13. Climate and action

  • 14. Life below water

  • 15. Life on land

Additionally putting sustainability at the heart of their education, research, and business operations, whose aim is to contribute together – and with all students – towards a better world for today and for future generations. In 2017, because of all the efforts from this university and all the members standing beside it, they achieved the CSR quality mark “erkend” (approved). This sustainability quality mark shows that they have achieved demonstrable results in all the areas mentioned for corporate social responsibility, and to this day are still flourishing in this department.


Therefore, the Potmarge is in good hands when it comes to getting support with sustainability and can still achieve so much more.

In addition to this, the Whisper Garden has been voted the best practice for outdoor learning, creating an even more lasting effect on the area of the Potmarge.



The life of the Potmarge

Did you know that the name Potmarge has a meaning?


  1. Firstly, pot means peat or turf (an accumulation of partially decayed vegetation or organic matter)

  2. Secondly, marge was derived from marine meaning meri (sea) and more (for stagnant water, marsh)


Additionally, during the middle ages, a number of watercourses flowed towards the Middelzee, where Leeuwarden was to develop into a city; the Potmarge was one of them, along with the Ee and the Vliet. These watercourses and narrow canals were a way to separate the heart of Leeuwarden from neighbouring villages, and because the courses were quite straight it was often favoured for parcellation in strips.


After Leeuwarden was formed the Potmarge functioned as a border for the city, and at the south of the Potmarge lay the Zuider Trimdeel of the grietenij Leeuwarderadeel.


After the annexation of the Zuider Trimdeel, the Potmarge was no longer functioning as a border for Leeuwarden. Although, suburbanisation has continuously taken place but has occurred less than in other areas which is why the Potmarge has retained a great deal of its green character.


What is even more fascinating is that Princess Maria Louise, best known as Marijke Meu in Friesland, used this area as her very own fruit garden surrounding her house which is still standing now.